Thursday, 11 September 2008


For you, dear visitors, a new series called Alfred in the Middle. A salute to elegant or funny (or both) cameos or references in movies or television series.


Let's begin with our German friends of action concept and this episode of their mega-cult series (if not an institution) Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahn Polizeï (Alarm for Cobra 11). In the first episode of season 17 (Comeback, 2005), the villain neutralizes three employees of a maintenance company in order to switch places with him and his henchmen.

And the name of the employee in the middle is Hermann Joha, played by... Hermann Joha, stunt artist, professional pilot, producer, director, writer and boss of action concept ( - company which as invented an action style so innovative and popular that it's even frequently ripped off by Hollywood blockbusters.


Mr Joha is the creative and producing force behind the show and behind the hit series Der Clown and its high octane feature film spin-off ( Interestingly, the director of this episode of Cobra is the excellent Sebastian Vigg, director of the Clown movie.

In a sequence of Comeback, Semir and Tom (Erdogan Atalay and René Steinke) must defuse a bomb in a movie theater playing the feature version of The Clown. But the oldest fans of action concept certainly remember that Semir made a cameo in the Clown tv movie of 1996. You can see him holding the clown mask of Max Zander in our last photo. Was it in an alternate reality?

Edit: The always professional and nice Petra Keller, of action concept, informs us that the two others employees with theirs mouths taped are, on the left: Roland Busch, one of ac's "Taurus World Stunt Award" winners and action director and, on the right: Stefan Retzbach, the producer of Cobra 11. Shall we understand that the staff of action concept moonlights as maintenance employees? Thanks, Petra.


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