Monday, 22 December 2008


Advisory, er... sounds like Nikki Finke, hey? (laughs) Your humble French servant wishes all of you, faithful readers or new visitors, the best holidays possible. Let me also thank you for your fidelity and your interest.

Not only this blog has an increasing number of visitors each month, not only the English and French versions of this blog have regular visitors from a lot of different countries (which is a real pleasure, to write in two versions takes time), but the number of visitors bookmarking this blog is also increasing and - to my highest astonishment - some of you signal this blog by mail to their contacts. Not to mention players of the industry who visit us from time to time when they're concerned by our humble work of the moment.

We keep on working during the holidays. So much to do... FYI information,my review about the French edition of Sir Roger Moore's wonderful book: My word is my Bond, is available on the French version of this blog ( + I know some non French speaking readers sometimes use translators on our French blog.

Coming attractions: Russell T. Davies, Lonesome Dove (Region 2 French DVD), Lee Goldberg's new Monk novel... May the year 2009 be better than this finishing one. Thanks again to you, O loyal and fragrant readers. Er... Sounds like Furious D, hey?

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