Thursday, 12 February 2009


God I love Hollywood! In September 2008, your humble servant joked around the idea of an US Lost in Austen remake in his typical "What's next?" mode ( What's next after ABC's remake of Life on Mars? An US remake of ITV's Lost in Austen? « Amanda Price hates her life, but she loves Gone in the Wind [Imagine the voice of the late Don LaFontaine] ... Lost in Mitchell, coming soon! »

Now I read on The Guardian that the ITV series will become a Hollywood movie produced by Sam Mendes ( After all Fox is sticking to the remake of Absolutely Fabulous ( Sure I will live old enough to see an US tv remake of The Sweeney with Harvey Keitel as Regan.

Now one obvious question: will Kate Winslet replace Jemima Rooper for the big screen? Er, if they use Margaret Mitchell the production can find my e-mail on this blog...

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