Friday, 20 March 2009


The French dubbing industry is at the parting of the ways these days, with the N° 2 company of the sector going through hard times and smaller structures faring not better. And since a couple of years listening to a movie or a television series in French language can often be a very painful exercise.

But in the middle of this gloomy environment where the economy and a lack of prospective and evolution weight on a dubbing industry once considered as the best of the world, there's a company which keeps chasing excellence while satisfaying the demands of their clients. Dub'Club Post Production has been founded in 1991 by Marianne Dubos. Born in Switzerland, Mrs Dubos worked in France for one of the most active and prestigious French dubbing company of the sixties: Jean-Paul Blondeau Productions, on French-speaking versions of milestones like Mission: Impossible and The Avengers (in fact she found the French title of this classic: Chapeau melon et bottes de cuir). In Quebec she directed the French dubbing of Star Trek (the original series), with her husband Régis Dubos as the French-speaking dubbing voice of Mr Spock.

Amongst the latest works of Dub'Club: the ABC television series Women's Murder Club, BBC's adaptation of The Wind in the willows with Matt Lucas, Mark Gatiss and Bob Hoskins, Thief with Andre Braugher, Monroe'Class of 76 with Robert Carlyle, or feature films like Paparazzi (produced by Mel Gibson).

The daughter of Marianne and Régis Dubos, freelance dubbing artist Mélody Dubos (Agnes and her twin sister in the French dubbing of German soap Verliebt in Berlin, and one of the voices of Fith Gear), is also the talented resident dubbing director of the company. French adaptations of the works dubbed at Dub'Club are brilliantly made by independent dubbing author Xavier Varaillon.

Dub'Club Post Production works with the best technicians and the best dubbing artists, most of them regularly working on stage and for film and television. Clients of this company, the public and dubbing aficionados (numerous in France), recognize the quality of their dubbing versions. Women's Murder Club is shown this month in France on M6.

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