Friday, 17 July 2009


Some days ago, the "Rumor Mill" feature of The Wrap ( caught the attention of your humble servant with this : Who Toldja Now? Finke Under a Microscope - The LATimes, NYTimes and The New Yorker are all scrambling to write about the newly-bought blogger.

Besides the fact that I wondered how Top Entertainment industry journalist Nikki Finke would react to the "newly-bought blogger", an elegant allusion to the acquisition of Deadline Hollywood Daily, her blog, by MMC, I don't know why but the word "Microscope" made me fear some National Register type of investigative journalism.

Fortunately nothing like that in the article of The New York Times, signaled by Nikki to her loyal readers ( I love this most typical "Finkism": « It claims I'm "thuggish". So thug this: I'll be back to work on Monday ». Oh, I didn't mention that She Who Must Be Read affirms she's on "vacation". Nikki on vacation? Come on! Even on Gilligan's Island she would manage to find a laptop, a cell phone and a DSL connection (TOLDJA! Thurston Howell III signs a deal with Disney for a Gilligan Theme Park).

David Carr's NYT article is titled A Hollywood Blogger Feared by Executives ( The legend continues and the Hollywood biopic is not far away.

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