Friday, 29 October 2010


[18.25 - French Time] The Waters of Mars will be aired in France by DTT pubcaster France 4 this saturday. The Doctor Who specials starring David Tennant as the tenth Doctor marked a new era for the French-speaking dubbing dialogues with the arrival of two talented authors: Chantal Bugalski (The West Wing, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) and François Dubuc (The State Within).

Because of the number of episodes for a regular series two other authors joined Bugalski and Dubuc for the adaptation of Doctor Who's fifth series in French: Rodolph Freytt (True Blood) and Olivier Lips (Nip/Tuck). François Dubuc could only work on The Eleventh Hour and The Beast Below, due to adjustments in his planning.

Recording of Amy's choice and The Hungry Earth started this week in the Belgian studios of Dubbing Brothers under the direction of David Macaluso. The French-speaking dubbing process of Doctor Who is closely followed by fans in France and other countries of Francophonie and even regularly attracts interest in the United Kingdom (

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