Monday, 11 April 2011


Little Howard’s Big Question is a BBC educational and entertaining programme aimed at children (but enjoyable to adults), where an animated six-year old boy and his human housemate answer questions about the world around them.

The character of Little Howard was initially created by British comedian and animator Howard Read for his stage show The Big Howard and Little Howard Show (2003), in which Read teamed up with a six-year old animated sidekick thanks to a laptop or a projection screen. Little Howard interacted with Big Howard, the audience, or with other animated characters.

The most recent Howard Read and Little Howard show, Little Howard And The Magic Pencil Of Life And Death, starts its final tour this month. Little Howard's Big Question began in 2009 on BBC One/CBBC and the third series will start on May 18 on BBC One. Meanwhile, it seems that Little Howard plans to get the upcoming Royal Wedding cancelled so Kate Middleton can go out with him instead (!)

To convince her, he sings Wait, Kate! It's Not Too Late! in a single whose video was officially launched today on ITV1's This Morning.

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