Sunday, 26 April 2020


Launched in 2016, the brilliant German crime drama Der Zürich-Krimi returned this week on Das Erste with Borchert und die tödliche Falle. Borchert und der fatale Irrtum and Borchert und der Tote im See will follow.

Last year, the pubcaster aired two episodes: Borchert und die mörderische Gier and Borchert und der Sündenfall. Episodes 1 to 4 of Money. Murder. Zurich. (the international title of Der Zürich-Krimi) are available in the United States on the SVOD service MHZ Choice.

Der Zürich-Krimi stars the great Christian Kohlund (Das Traumhotel, Black Forest Clinic) as the melancholic Thomas Borchert, an "unlicensed attorney" who works in Zurich for lawyer Dominique Kuster. Ina Paule Klink (Wilsberg) co-stars as Dominique. Felix Kramer plays Police captain Marco Furrer (1). Star lawyer Dr. Reto Zanger, Dominique Kuster's father and an old friend of Thomas, is played by Robert Hunger-Bühler.

Other regulars are Susi Banzhaf as Regula Gabrielli (Dominique's assistant), Andrea Zogg as Beat Bürki-Borchert's "personal" taxi driver, and Yves Wüthrich (Urs Aeggi, Furrer's deputy). Dominique and Regula hear a strange message on the law firm's voicemail. A distraught young man named Julian Stolz requires a legal help in emergency without further precision. As he recklessly rides his motorcycle on the way to her office, he has a traffic accident and falls into coma.

Touched by the situation of Julian because it reminds him of a personal tragedy, Thomas Borchert starts his own investigation. Stolz, an art student, had a strong interest for Islam and he was linked to the mysterious Said Allawi. The police finds out that a dark van with fake diplomatic licence plates is involved in the "accident". Julian's father is a shady businessman who sells illegal antiques. Borchert feels that this case is less about extremism and more about greed.

Written by Wolf Jacoby (the SOKO franchise) and directed by Roland Suso Richter (The Tunnel), Börchert und die mörderische Gier is an effective return to thriller after the more conventional Borchert und die Macht der Gewohneit. Christian Kohlund, whose presence is always impressive, leads an excellent cast including a subtle and charismatic performance by Neil Malik Abdullah (4 Blocks) as Imam Sheik Ibrahim Al-Khatib.

Also with Kai Wiesinger (Heller), Valery Tscheplanowa (Lisa Stolz), Justus Czaja (Julian Stolz), Alireza Bayram (Said Allawi), etc. Produced by Graf Film for ARD Degeto and Das Erste. Co-produced with Mia Film. Produced by Klaus Graf, Annemarie Pilgram and Michal Pokorný. Kirsten Frehse (ARD Degeto) is the line producer.

Music by Michael Klaukien and Andreas Lonardoni. Cinematography by Max Knauer. Filmed in Prague and Zurich. Made with the support of the Czech Film Fund. Distributed by Beta Film.

(1) Katrin Bauerfeind played Dominique Kuster in the first episode. Pierre Kiwitt replaced Felix Kramer as Police captain Marco Furrer from Episode 7. (Episode 7) (Episodes 3 & 4) (Episodes 1 & 2) 


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