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Francis Urquhart became the new British Prime Minister after a merciless rise to power. Now he will let nothing or no one stand his way. Neither the ghosts from the past, nor the recently crowned King. 

To Play the King (1993), the second BBC drama serial in the House of Cards trilogy based on the books by Michael Dobbs, is available since May on French Region 2 DVD from Koba Films as "House of Cards - Saison 2".

« A new king. A new age of hope and peace and spiritual growth, et cetera. And I'm still here for my sins. »

Ian Richardson returns as Francis Urquhart (nicknamed "FU"), the scheming politician created by British author Michael Dobbs, an ex-advisor to Margaret Thatcher and former Tory official, in his realistic 1989 political thriller House of Cards. Scriptwriter Andrew Davies adapted the novel in 1990 as a BBC serial helmed by Paul Seed. Davies made his Urquhart address the audience directly like Richard III. He developed the character of Francis's wife as a modern Lady Macbeth. He also modified Urquhart's relationship with journalist Mattie Storin and reversed the ending.