Friday, 27 June 2008


Congratulations to Behind the Sofa ( for the most elegant, funny and appropriate wallpaper based on a tv-series for this year 2008.

For those who may ignore what is Behind the Sofa, it's a fantastic blog on Doctor Who and its spin-offs (Torchwood, Sarah Jane adventures, etc).

The originality of Behind the Sofa is to cover the whoniverse with a great intellectual Honesty, lucidity, wit and a solid dose of typical british humour. This week the blog was announcing the first half of Doctor Who's season 4 final (The stolen Earth, on BBC One this saturday) with a very funny skin of the Doctor and his friends... behind a sofa.

Due to a (justified) demand of its visitors, the skin has been turned into a wallpaper available in the usual sizes ( Needless to say that this wonder has replaced the Doctor, Donna and the Supreme Dalek (« Donne le meilleur de toi-même, et tu trouveras... le Dalek Suprême ») on the computer screen of your humble and devoted servant.

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