Friday, 14 November 2008


Should you pick only one reason to like this business, it would be Mr Stephen Tobolowsky (, one of these consumed professional actors who give sense to a movie with his single presence at the service of a character, a script and a director. Not to mention the fact that only his name can make your humble servant watch Heroes.

More, the man is one of the nicest persons in Hollywoodland and always have a generous anecdote about his career or about his life to offer to you like if it was a gift in your birthday party ( And to have the privilege to discuss with him of Bob Darnell or Joseph Ruskin recalls you that movies mean not only B.O. or "franchises".

« I was in a big movie that should be released soon... The Time Traveller's Wife, starring Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. It was a lot of fun to shoot. It is a very interesting combination of a love story and science fiction... I hope it works » Stephen told us yesterday.

« I just shot a TV pilot called Glee, from Ryan Murphy, the creator of Nip/Tuck. If that show is successful it will be premiered after American Idol in January. Again it was a tremondously fun script and shoot and the cast is very talented... but I have learned that one can never take anything for granted. When I was shooting the movie Hero I thought it was a slam dunk. It was directed by Stephen Frears (one of the finest directors working today), it starred Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia, and Geena Davis, and it was written by David Webb Peoples (nominated for the Academy awards with Unforgiven)... But the movie really never quite worked as it should have. It's good, but it had the pieces to be great... You never know. »

Hollywood should do a TV series about Stephen Tobolowsky. He's a character in his own respect and adventure is never far when he's around, especially when he's on holidays. « Also this was the year I broke my neck in five places and have lived to tell the tale!!! » he adds. « Feeling better everyday! »

Thanks for all, Mr Tobolowsky.

(C) Thierry Attard

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