Friday, 5 December 2008


I'm currently working on some reviews for the English and French editions of this blog (Coming attractions: Roger Moore, Russell T. Davies, Lonesome Dove...), but - as you, faithful readers, know - I'm an addict of Nikki Finke's DHD, and I fell on one of the rare pro comments on NBC's new Knight Rider series, under the announcement by Nikki that the Network was "pulling the plug" ( The comment was from "Sue":

« The show was doing rather well in the ratings until it was forced to take a break for political advertising. It still has the capability to gain back that loss with its upcoming retooling. I for one enjoy the show and I’m not going to give up hope just yet. I can’t really blame Ben Silverman, ratings are down on shows across the board. Rosie’s show faired no better in its attempts at Knight’s timeslot. »

Your humble servant keeps thinking that the efforts of Gary Scott Thompson, showrunner of Knight Rider, and his team, are imperiled for reasons external to the quality of the series itself, and that the show is one of the victims of a much wider problem (

I don't share the optimism of Sue, as I know for watching tv series for more than 30 years, that midseason retooling is in most cases a first class ticket to cancellation. Anyway, her comment was linked to this excellent website that will please the fans of both the classic and 2008 Knight Rider:

And by the way, a small hello from France to Mr Thompson...

Update: An interview of Gary Scott Thompson on

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