Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Cinema journalist, author of major books on the Pink Panther franchise ( - In French) or OSS 117 - France answer's to James Bond, and blogger ( - In French), Philippe Lombard has opened a new blog in parallel with his main one.

Quantum of Bond ( is a tribute to one of his numerous cinematic passions (with Winnetou or Terence Hill & Bud Spencer, to name only two) in an original way: James Bond, through anecdotes (Universal Exports, "Churchill's head", stunts...), photos, ads, magazine covers, items of the journalist's own collection and many details about the universe of 007.

This blog is a kind of amazing equivalent of what can be done in DVD bonuses, with Philippe's encyclopedic knowledge. Your humble servant has tried to convince him to make a version in English but in the meantime you can always use a web translator.

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