Monday, 2 February 2009


Your humble servant picks up his three favourites...

Land of the Lost ( - Remake of the classic 1974 tv show (already remade in 1991). Looks like another Night at the Museum, But Will Ferrell seems at his best - I absolutely adore the « taxpayers money » line. That will be interesting to see how the movie will be marketed in France, as the two tv shows are totally unknown here.

Race to Witch Mountain ( ) - Don't laugh, I'm a definite fan of the Witch Mountain "Franchise" (everything is called "Franchise", nowadays...): the two movies of the seventies plus the two tv movies. Call this a Madeleine de Proust effect, but I want to have a look at what they've done. The original Witch Mountain movies have been completely forgotten in France.

Up ( - Generally, I'm fed up (no pun intended) of digital animation, especially with talking animals or other creatures. After The Incredibles (the best Bond movie of these last ten years), I hoped there would be more humans. I like the grumpy old man character and the teaser of this new Disney-Pixar installment.

Talking about marketing in France, your humble French servant will follow with the highest interest the promotion of GI Joe: Rise of the Cobra ( here. When I was a kid, Superman saved the Eiffel Tower from a bomb (hydrogen? That will give me a pretext to watch Superman II again...) Now the tower falls after being covered by God knows what - living far from Paris has its advantages. And they'll have to boost the toy brand on our territory before the release of the film, I've never seen one of my nephews with a GI Joe character.

Star Trek ( ? Well, Abrams'Mission: Impossible III is one of the best action thriller in the History of cinema but I have difficulties with what I see of this "reboot" treatment. That's probably why I like the grumpy old man of the Up teaser (

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