Wednesday, 25 March 2009


On Sunday March 22, venerable Variety wrote three articles on the industry bloggers and particularly on the deity of Entertainment journalism, She Who Must Be Read, Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood Daily (1).

The same day Nikki announced on her newly launched Twitter feed (, a "mini-version" of her blog with first run news, that she would answer (

Well, here it is: Nikki Finke explains freely (I love the « Since I did not sign a non-disclosure agreement »!) and with her unimitable style that Variety tried recently to buy DHD.

On The Daily Beast, Kim Masters calls DHD Hollywood's Most Threatening Blog ( All bets are off... Nikki Finke is not "alternative journalism", she's a journalist doing her job. But watch out, Nikki. Someday Hollywoodland will have its revenge: they'll make a film out of the ascension of Deadline Hollywood Daily and Meryl Streep will play your part.


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