Wednesday, 29 September 2010


[5.00 - French Time] Effective today we will note the TV show casualties of the US Network 2010-2011 season (this list will be updated when necessary):

- Lone Star (Fox) - Creator Kyle Killen's plea couldn't save it. After the counter-performance of its season premiere on monday, following House, the Hollywood television industry and TV pundits were already doing a choral post-mortem.

Episode 2 of this attempt to bring back the supersoap genre on network TV fell 23% from last week. In May, Fox Entertainment president Kevin Reilly described Lone Star as "a modern Dallas set against the Texas oil industry". It ends with such luminaries like Titans (2000) or Dirty Sexy Money (2007).

The fact that this kind of shows died in the nineties and that the main character is a bigamist con man who cheats hard-working ordinary people certainly didn't help.

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