Friday, 17 September 2010


[12.28 - French Time] As we wrote this month a French TV channel has bought Lasko - The Fist of God (Lasko - Die Faust Gottes), the action/adventure hit series produced by Hermann Joha's production company action concept for private broadcaster RTL.

Brother Lasko (Mathis Landwehr) is a young monk from Pugnus Dei, an ancestral secret monastic order fighting for justice with the help of martial arts. With his faithful and epicurian friend Brother Gladius (Stephan Bieker) and BKA agent Sophia von Erlen (Simone Hanselmann) he faces Ares an occult lodge within the Vatican.

We are told Lasko - Die Faust Gottes will be aired in France by DTT pubcaster France 4. And the French-speaking dubbing, produced by Agent Double - Belgium's best dubbing company, promises to be excellent. The dubbing cast has been aptly chosen: Alexandre Crepet is Lasko, Isabelle Paternotte is Sophia von Erlen. Jean Michel Vovk is Hans Keller, Sophia's boss played by André Hennicke.

One of the key elements of the cast choice was certainly the comic relief character of Gladius, who often steals the show thanks to Stephan Bieker: it's the talented Philippe Allard (Mickey Smith in Doctor Who and Rhys in Torchwood) who dubs Bieker.

Xavier Varaillon, Daniel Danglard and Isabelle Frances are currently writing the French-speaking dialogues.

(C) Thierry Attard

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