Friday, 29 May 2009


Let's face it: Series three of Simon Cowell's Britain's Got Talent is more exciting and entertaining than the Hollywoodland sequel factory avatars of this spring (or even summer), than the upcoming US fall television season, than this fictional version of Animals do the funniest things that is Primeval current series (with Ben Miller as Stephen Mulhern). Or than the Doctor Who RTD/David Tennant Farewell tour.

Why? Because BGT 3 has it all: variety, music, dance, eccentricity, talent, humour, drama, action, annoying, pathetic, spectacular, suspense, etc... And of course the true stars of the talent show: the judges (Amanda Holden, Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan) and the hosts - Ant & Dec. Plus "the lady with something extra", Susan Boyle, who gave the 2009 edition a global impact which must already give headaches to the production teams of the foreign versions of the franchise.

Some can discuss ad nauseam, if they wish, of the singing merits of Ms Boyle but the fact is that her first appearance during the auditions of BGT was pure wonder and a truce in the continuing mediocrity of these recession times. And her second appearance, during the first semi-final, was enjoyable. Whatever the result of saturday may be (personally my favourite is dance group Diversity), regarding her talent and the life she had until now, she deserves to get something from her passion. The rest is the usual insignificance of la société du spectacle, and thanks to Mr Piers Morgan - a class act and a gentleman - for bringing a little balance in this craziness (1)

Honestly, the ghost of Geraldine McQueen (Peter Kay's character in Britain’s Got The Pop Factor and Possibly A New Celebrity Jesus Christ Superstar Strictly On Ice) was flying over Semi-Finals 3 and 4 but the fourth semi-final gave us really great moments. Saxophonist Julian Smith ( and the charming duo 2 Grand (, with a grandfather and his granddaughter, won their tickets to the final with brilliance. Normally your humble servant prefers when kids go to school rather than chasing celebrity dreams but I must admit Callum Francis ( is born for West End productions (2).

BGT is the ultimate remedy against tv boredom. And Susan Boyle is not leaving (, but who could really believe she would anyway?

Update: Piers Morgan vs Craig Revel Horwood ( Morgan has my Yes.

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