Monday, 11 May 2009


On May 19 US network Fox will show a special preview of Glee, the new one-hour musical comedy series from Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck), right after American Idol. Glee will start officially during the fall season, 13 episodes have been ordered ( .

Last november Stephen Tobolowsky, an actor and a person we appreciate and respect very much (, told us that he just shot the pilot of Glee ( And now he has accepted very nicely to tell us a few words about his participation: « I am very excited about Glee. It is based in a high school Glee club and I play the old glee club teacher who is fired for touching the boys. I am replaced by Matthew Morrison (huge voice and Broadway star who was one of the leads on Broadway in the recent production of South Pacific).

The show is basically a comedy with great singing and dancing. Our choreographers did the movie Hairspray, major talents. Ryan Murphy, creator of Nip/Tuck is at the helm writing and producing and occasionally directing. All of the songs exist within the context of the plot so it is not like High School Musical where people are breaking into song. The music is great, edgy fun.

I end up blackmailing my way back into the school as Dean of the Arts and who knows what else... I am definitely one of the villains of the show with Jane Lynch. Very funny... Fingers crossed that it all works. I have heard that it does but I have not seen the show.»

Perhaps Simon Cowell will like it...

Extended trailer: (Official website of Glee) (Stephen Tobolowsky's Birthday Party)

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