Sunday, 10 May 2009


Frank Collins offers us a great review of the Star Trek movie directed by J.J. Abrams, on his Cathode Ray Tube blog( A blog I absolutely adore and I would have a lot of difficulties to deny it as... Well, you'll see (thanks again for that, Frank).

Personally, I've been a little puzzled - to say the least - by some declarations of Abrams ( or or by the "This is not your father's Star Trek". But as the man is responsible of what I consider one of the best action thrillers ever, Mission Impossible III (the most faithful to the 1966 television series), my vote will be of confidence - I've not seen the new Trek yet.

The choice to introduce the franchise to a new and younger audience with the highest respect to the original movies seems to pay at the box office, according to the analysis of Nikki Finke in Deadline Hollywood Daily ( - read Nikki for the updates. Now we can imagine that rival studios will greenlight similar projects: a reboot of Lost In Space with a RSC actor as Doctor Smith, a Forbidden Planet remake with the cast of Chuck (tagline: "It's not your grandfather's Forbidden Planet"), Andromeda - The Movie, or 007 could go to space... er, no, already done. Someday a lemming will fly.

As I'm a father and as I appreciate Star Trek, please allow me to mention my 2005 interview of Mr Nicholas Meyer, author of the two best movies of the Trek franchise ( But the only reboot my daughter can consider at the moment is the new Noddy series.

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