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In March, we reacted to the list of 36 pilots published by Den of Geek ( and called that (sorry for the self-quote) « the less attractive pilot lineup of the decade ». Since last month, She Who Must be Read aka Nikki Finke, of Deadline Hollywood Daily, gives us real time what will stay of this lineup for the 2009-2010 network season.

Juliana Margulies stars in The Good Wife for CBS. « A female driven legal drama starring Juliana Margulies to replace the last female driven legal drama starring Juliana Margulies that failed on Fox last year » writes our Canadian friend, Entertainment specialist, blogger, author, homme de culture et de goût, Furious D ( - remembering Canterbury's Law. « Still looks like a lock » writes Nikki on her blog. Will stock and barrel come later? Was Geena Davis unavailable? Do it with the great Miriam Margolyes and perhaps I'll have a look.

CBS again. The network is hesitating between two medical dramas: Miami Trauma and Three Rivers. Oh God, puh-lease! Miami Trauma is about a group of trauma surgeons in Miami, it's produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (the CSI franchise) and I'm anxious to learn what song of The Who will be used as a title theme. Three Rivers is, according to Den of Geek, "Organ transplants, told from the POV of the doctor, recipient and donor". At least the first one looks glamourous enough for network television and with Dexter Morgan and Michael Westen around, the Miami surgeons will have enough to do. Move Three Rivers from Pittsburgh to Miami, I'm sure that Dex and Mike can double shift for the transplant guys.

Come on along with ABC? FlashForward, the next Lost, is on the schedule. A glitch during a scientific experiment accidentally allows everybody to have glimpses of their lives in the future. Computer says nooo... Empire State, described as « Romeo and Juliet in modern Manhattan » is "in the mix" says Nikki. Does the genre died with Aaron Spelling? Well, the CW seems to believe that this is not the case, as there's a Melrose Place revival evoked as a companion to the 90210 revival. Ready for a Models Inc. revival, anyone?

Human Target, adapted from a DC comic book, and starring Mark Valley, is on the Fox schedule. I like the comic book, I liked the first adaptation with Rick Springfield in the nineties and I like the concept (a mysterious security freelancer assumes the identities of those in danger, becoming a "human target" for his clients). But perhaps I'm too nostalgic of shows like Stingray (from Stephen J. Cannell, not the series with puppets) or The Equalizer. Someday NBC-Universal will remake The Equalizer with one of the Glenister brothers. Talking about NBC, some say Trauma is the new ER but the concept sounds like an old Glen A. Larson show ("ambulance drivers and emergency medical response personnel at the sharp end of a 911 call" writes Den of Geek).

Two pilots which don't need emergency medical response anymore: Eva Adams, the remake of Lalola - an Argentinian format - and the new attempt to make a US version of Absolutely Fabulous, both rejected by Fox. « Absolutely Fabulous was hot, hot hot. But then Fox execs wondered if it was really for their audience. In other words, too femme? » asks Nikki Finke ( Huh? How did they pitch that to the network: "Sex and the City on booze"? Please Lee Goldberg, write us another opus of your Unsold Television Pilots. The material is hot and waiting...

Full coverage in style and in details by Nikki Finke on DHD. Nikki is like The Shadow, Nikki knows!

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