Thursday, 23 July 2009


Until now the New Zealand movie and television industry was known for giving Peter Jackson to the world and for providing its wonderful landscapes to US productions looking for exotic location and financial advantages. Outrageous Fortune, a Kiwi comedy/drama with a more than excellent growing reputation will certainly help to change this conception.

Shown in New Zealand on commercial TV station TV3 since 2005, Outrageous Fortune is the longest-running local drama and a cult favourite in this country. The show - created by James Griffin and Rachel Lang - is about Cheryl West (Robyn Malcolm), wife of a criminal sentenced to four years, who decides to move out her family of the crime business. Acclaimed for its stories and its strong cast and characters, the multi-awarded Outrageous Fortune ( is produced by South Pacific Pictures and distributed by All3Media. There's two CD compilations of the soundtrack available with other licenced products.

As usual, there has been an attempt to adapt the show in the US (Good Behavior, for ABC) and ITV remade Outrageous Fortune as Honest (2008), with Amanda Redman - star of BBC's New Tricks. Television fiction from Down Under is raising a lot of interest these days, with Aussie dramas Underbelly or Rush (co-starring the remarkable Callan Mulvey, known in France for his Drazic character in Heartbreak High).

The title of Outrageous Fortune comes from the Hamlet monologue: « The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune ».

Series 5 trailer:

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