Monday, 6 July 2009


« I can think of a lot of TV shows that would make great movies, but TJ HOOKER isn't one of them » writes Lee Goldberg in his blog (1) after an an article in Variety about a movie remake of T.J. Hooker (2). T.J. Hooker, a 1982-1986 Spelling/Goldberg show, starred William Shatner in the title role: a no-nonsense veteran cop on patrol with his junior partner, Romano (Adrian Zmed). A young Heather Locklear co-starred.

Chuck Russell, director of The Mask, is in talks to direct the movie adaptation, which will get an action comedy treatment (« It's... Showtime! »). « What's next, Diagnosis Murder? » asks Lee. What is really funny in this case is that sometimes Life imitates Art. Some of you, faithful readers, may remember the opening scene of the fantastic Charlie's Angels movie in 2000: there's a human bomb terrorist aboard the First class cabin of an airliner and one of the girls, disguised as a giant African American, sits near him. On a huge screen there's a movie for the passengers... T.J. Hooker The Movie! The "giant African American" sighs and says: « Another movie from an old TV show ».

Nuff said.


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