Sunday, 24 October 2010


[19.27 - French Time] While The Waters of Mars is due to be aired by French DTT pubcaster France 4 on October 30th, Doctor Who's fifth series is currently dubbed for French-speaking territories since September 29 in the Belgian studios of Dubbing Brothers, under the direction of David Macaluso.

As we reported in March, Matt Smith is dubbed by experimented Belgian stage actor Marc Weiss. We're told now that Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, is dubbed by the excellent Audrey d'Hulstère (French-speaking voice of Liz White in Life on Mars). And "Mr Pond", aka Rory Williams - performed by Arthur Darvill, has the voice of stage and improv actor Xavier Elsen, which seems an interesting choice.

In The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone, the very talented Scottish actor Iain Glen (Father Octavian) is dubbed by the equally talented Philippe Résimont. Résimont is one of the finest Belgian stage actors and has a long string of dubbing credits. In Doctor Who he dubbed the Chancellor in The End of Time 1 & 2 and he was the voice of Diagoras in series three's Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks.

The characters of Mo, Elliot and Ambrose in The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood will be dubbed by Michelangelo Marchese (Ed Gold in The Waters of Mars), Matteo Marchese and Valérie Lemaître, who are also a family in real life.

Artistic director David Macaluso explained us that Marc Weiss and Audrey d'Hulstère particularly enjoy working on the French-speaking version of this series, whose recording will end at the beginning of December. This Tuesday begins the dubbing of Amy's Choice and The Hungry Earth. (In French) (In French) (In French)

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