Tuesday, 25 January 2011


[9.26 - French Time] Private network TF1 aired yesterday the last two episodes of the French Doc Martin's first series, starring Thierry Lhermitte (The Dinner Game) as Dr Martin Le Foll.

The fifth episode of this French version was adapted from episode four of the first series of ITV1's Doc Martin and was the weakest of the six in terms of writing. It was watched by around 6.7 million viewers (24.5%) (1) and the sixth and final episode was watched by 6.6 million (27.3%) (2).

Produced by Pascale Breugnot's Ego Productions, Doc Martin is adapted by scriptwriter Eric Kristy from the original dramedy sold by DRG and starring Martin Clunes. TF1 ordered eight new scripts before the end of the initial six-episode run (3), so we'll see now if the ratings of the first series satisfy them enough to confirm the commission of a second series.

Anyway, the production team, the writers, the directors and the cast have succeeded in making the French version an enjoyable transplant. This Doc Martin is as engaging as Doctor Mateo, its Spanish counterpart. And Martin Le Foll's Port-Garrec (actually Clohars-Carnoët and the Port of Doëlan) is magnificent.

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