Friday, 13 May 2011


NBC has cancelled The Event and Law and Order: Los Angeles. And ABC has cancelled V.

« They had it coming. They had it coming. They had it coming all along. » (Cell Block Tango, Chicago)

As we wrote last year the biggest mystery in The Event, NBC's high concept serialized drama, was the reason the Peacock network commissioned it in the first place. Particularly after the predictable demise of ABC's FlashForward. Even those who celebrated FlashForward as the Second Coming (i.e. the new Lost) were cautious on this one and someone should have told Hollywood the 1990s are over. Amusingly in May 2010 we wrote about the NBC 2010 Fall schedule that Chuck looked like the only thing enjoyable, and the show will get a fifth and final season.

The cops from Law & Order: Los Angeles (aka LOLA) will investigate their own cancellation, as NBC has pulled the plug on Dick Wolf's Californian extension of the L & O franchise after a midseason retooling. Your humble servant didn’t watch when it was called L.A. Dragnet anyway... Obviously they unplugged the original Law and Order too soon.

There are television classics which should be left alone and Kenneth Johnson's miniseries V (1983) is definitely on the list. ABC cancels the 2009 struggling remake of this monument after 22 episodes. NBC just said no to David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman but don't worry, Mother Nature hates emptiness and the Alphabet network gave its green light to the Charlie's Angels remake.

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