Monday, 13 February 2012


Aired in Germany on Sat.1, hit crime drama Der letzte Bulle (The Last Cop) arrives in France next month on DTT channel Direct 8 as Mick Brisgau.

« Ich, ich glaub' das zu träumen
die Mauer Im Rücken war kalt. » (David Bowie)

Essen Kripo cop Michael "Mick" Brisgau (Henning Baum) awakes from a 20-year coma in a world which has changed drastically. Darling of the media as "Der Koma-Bulle", Mick gets his job back but he's under safety observation by police psychologist Tanja Haffner (Proschat Madani). This epitome of the 80s macho supercop must adjust his methods to modern policing. His boss is his former partner Martin Ferchert (Helmfried von Lüttichau) and he has to get along with his young and politically correct new partner, Andreas Kringge (Maximilian Grill).

Brisgau's wife Lisa (Floriane Daniel), who waited him during five years, lives with pathologist Roland Meisner (Robert Lohr) and his baby daughter Isabelle (Luise Risch) is now a young woman. Mick Brisgau is a stranger in a strange land where every day has its share of discoveries: GPS, car central locking, cell phones, DNA analysis, etc. Aired since April 2010 on private channel Sat.1, Der letzte Bulle was created by Stefan Scheich and Robert Dannenberg on two central ideas: what a man from the 80s would think of us and our society. And a "true hero" character with definite principles like loyalty, straightforwardness, and a high sense of justice (1).

Before being shot in the head, Brisgau was Essen's answer to Don Johnson (there's a nice scene where a nurse must explain what is Miami Vice to a younger colleague). A Horst Schimanski kind of cop, who wears cowboy boots and
drives a green 70s Opel Diplomat B - starting with the third episode. He still smokes in interrogation rooms much to the irritation of his partner, who learns to work with "Dirty Harry". In 2011, the show's star Henning Baum received the Bayerische Fernsehpreis of the best actor in a series. Head writers Stefan Scheich and Robert Dannenberg were awarded too.

Der letzte Bulle, whose third series started last week in Germany, is an enjoyable drama with a solid cast, pleasant stories, likeable characters, good dialogues, and a great soundtrack with standards of the 80s (Queen, Cyndi Lauper, Phil Collins...) The title song is Real Wild Child by Iggy Pop. The Last Cop, which arrives in France on March 5th, is produced by ITV Studios Germany - formerly Granada Produktion - with Greensky Films for Sat.1. It is distributed by SevenOne International.


[Update - March 5th] Announced for today at 5.40pm but now it's for March 19th at 3.30pm! ( (Direct 8 trailer) (Intro)

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