Friday, 9 March 2012

MEK 8... MIA?

MEK 8 is an action drama produced by German prodco action concept (Alarm für Cobra 11: Die Autobahn Polizeï) for private channel RTL II. Filmed from october to november 2010 in Cologne, it premiered last month... on V-me, a small US pubcaster in Spanish.

Centered on a secret elite German police unit, MEK 8 is written by Markus Müller, Philipp Sidhu and Gregor Eisenbeiss. It is directed by Nico Zavelberg and Roland Leyer, and stars Stefan Richter, Felix Lampe, Ricardia Bramley, Marc Richter, Jan Stapelfeld and Tanja Lanäus.

The 16X22-minute series was to start possibly in spring or summer 2011. In summer 2011 it was announced that MEK8 would air during the German 2011-2012 TV season. The excellent points out that this season ends in 11 weeks and doesn't see RTL II airing the action concept production in the meantime. Although the channel explained them that MEK 8 was to be aired this year, without giving a TX date.

Alarm für Cobra 11, action concept's flagship series, returned yesterday night on RTL for a new series and still does more than well in the ratings.

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