Monday, 14 November 2016


The excellent French crime drama Blood on the Docks (Deux flics sur les docks) returned on pubcaster France 2 last Friday for a new series of two feature-length episodes.

Adapted from the Portsmouth based Joe Faraday novels by English crime fiction writer Graham Hurley, Deux flics sur les docks stars Jean-Marc Barr and Bruno Solo as Le Havre police detectives Capitaine Richard Faraday and Capitaine Paul Winckler.

Justices is an original story by Laurent Martin, loosely based on Graham Hurley's work. It is written by Bernard Marié & Olivier Prieur and directed by Edwin Baily. The body of  Linda Bertin, a young woman who disappeared five years ago during a Bastille Day firemen's ball, resurfaces in a waterproof bag discovered in the port waters. Because of a beret found in that bag, Richard Faraday suddenly doubts that Rémy Thouret, the young man he put in jail for murder, is the real culprit. He must reopen the case while Jean-Noël Vargas, Thouret's lawyer, is furious. 

Things get worse when Lulu, Faraday's deaf-mute son, is wounded in a deliberate road accident and kidnapped by a man who asks Richard to steal the beret inside the police station. Faraday goes it alone and stops at nothing to find Lulu vs a ruthless adversary. The cohesion of commissaire divisionnaire Dardenne's unit is threaten by the disappearance of the beret. Paul Winckler is briefly suspected of the proof theft when a trail leads to his pal Bazza Swaty, Le Havre's biggest mobster. This doesn't prevent Paul to give his colleague and friend Richard a helping hand in the pure Winckler tradition.

Justices marks with brilliance the sixth anniversary of Deux flics sur les docks, launched on November 11, 2011. Jean-Marc Barr and Bruno Solo are great. Emmanuel Salinger (Bazza) is fabulous in his two scenes and Sava Lolov delivers a noticeable performance as Vargas. Also with Mata Gabin (Commissaire divisionnaire Lucie Dardenne), Liza Manili (Lieutenant Julie Fabian), Guillaume Viry (Bill Gates), Jean-Marie Hall (Lulu Faraday), Julien Boulenguiez as Bazza's henchman Jimmy, Michel Scotto Di Carlo (Michel), Damien Leconte (Damien), Guillaume Marquet (Walter Leroy), Alyzée Costes (Linda Bertin), etc.

Deux flics sur les docks is produced by Gétévé Productions with France Télévisions and the support of Région Haute-Normandie. It is distributed by Zodiak Rights. Jacques Salles and Christian Charret are the producers. Muriel Paradis exec produces. Music by Canadian composer Pierre-Philippe Côté. Alex Arcoleo composed Antimatter, the collection's theme music. 

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