Tuesday, 28 February 2017


[Spoiler-Free] Il commissario Montalbano, the Italian detective drama launched in 1999 and starring Luca Zingaretti as the character created by author Andrea Camilleri, returned yesterday on RAI 1 for a new series of two 120-minute episodes.

Un covo di vipere was adapted by Francesco Bruni, Andrea Camilleri, Salvatore De Mola and Leonardo Marini, from the novel A Nest of Vipers (Un covo di vipere, 2013). Montalbano and Giuseppe Fazio (Peppino Mazzotta) investigate the murder of sixtysomething entrepreneur Cosimo Barletta, shot dead in his house by the sea. Salvo finds out that the victim was a very despicable man and that his death is more complicated than it looks.

An utterly brilliant episode directed by Montalbano regular helmer Alberto Sironi. Thankfully, Sonia Bergamasco returns as Livia. Mimì Augello, portrayed by Cesare Bocci, has a very peculiar assignment right up his street. The beloved Agatino Catarella (Angelo Russo) is back and he's very... Catarella. The scenes with Dr. Pasquano (Marcello Perracchio) are great. Alessandro Haber delivers a touching performance as Camastra. Un covo di vipere, introduced as usual by Andrea Camilleri himself, has everything that makes Il commissario Montalbano so special to its fans.

The rest of the cast includes Valentina Lodovini (Giovanna Pusateri), Alice Canzonieri (Stella Lasorella), Marcello Mazzarella (Cosimo Barletta), Beatrice Arnera (Alina Camera), Giacinto Ferro (Bonetti Alderighi), Giovanni Visentin (Tommaseo), Ottavio Amato (Santo Fallace), Silvio Laviano (Arturo Barletta), Vera Dragone (Stefania) and Valeria Panepinto (Michela Lolo). Inspector Montalbano is produced by Palomar and RAI Fiction.

Produced by Carlo Degli Esposti, founder and president of Palomar, and Nora Barbieri with Max Gusberti. Marco Camilli is the producer for Palomar and Erica Pellegrini produces for RAI. Music composed and conducted by Franco Piersanti. Songs by Olivia Sellerio. Franco Lecca is the cinematographer. Distributed by Rai Com. Il commissario Montalbano is aired in the UK by BBC Four as Inspector Montalbano and in France on France 3 as Commissaire Montalbano.

Next week: Come voleva la prassi.

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[Update - March 8]

http://tattard2.blogspot.fr/2017/03/inspector-montalbano-come-voleva-la.html (Spoiler-Free review of Come voleva la prassi)

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