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Following the success of a previous crossover last year, Mongeville and Commissaire Magellan, two of the star sleuths of French pubcaster France 3, will reunite again.

The crossover is a "rare bird" in the History of French television fiction: the sitcoms produced for TF1 by AB Productions in the 1990s, an encounter between crime drama PJ (1997-2009) and legal drama Avocats et Associés (1998-2010) on France 2 in 2007, and then nothing until November 2016 with Magellan et Mongeville. Created by Laurent Mondy, Commissaire Magellan started on France 3 in 2009. Produced by JLA Productions and set in the fictional town of Saignac (in the north of France), it stars Jacques Spiesser as Commissaire Simon Magellan.

Launched in 2013, Mongeville is a production from Son & Lumière created by Jacques Santamaria and starring Francis Perrin as Antoine Mongeville. Mongeville is a retired juge d'instruction who regularly assists police captain Valentine Duteil (played by Gaëlle Bona) in Bordeaux. The two series, very well done, are part of the popular French detective/crime drama line-up of France 3. In Magellan et Mongeville, Commissaire Magellan investigates a deadly hit-and-run whose suspect is a former protégé of Mongeville. Written by Céline Guyot & Martin Guyot and directed by Étienne Dhaene, this very pleasant special episode caught 4.508.000 viewers (19.8%).

In their second case together, currently filmed until the end of next month, Antoine Mongeville and Simon Magellan investigate in Bordeaux. Meanwhile, TF1 goes on working on a crossover between the long-running Joséphine, ange gardien (launched in 1997) and Camping Paradis (aired since 2006 and produced by JLA). The event was announced this summer.

Magellan et Mongeville:

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