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DCI John Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon) and DS Jamie Winter (Nick Hendrix) investigate a particularly cruel murder which shares troubling similarities with the fate of a 16th century monk. 

From december 2016 to January 2017, ITV aired four out of the six episodes from the 19th series of Midsomer Murders. However, the channel decided to keep the remaining two for "later in the year". In April 2017, ITV announced the filming of Series 20 with six new episodes. Meanwhile, almost everybody on the planet had the opportunity to watch the last couple of episodes from the previous series. They were even in the French DVD box set, well ahead of their transmission on France 3. Amusingly, the Gaullic pubcaster aired them on the same dates and slots as ITV in May 2018. The 20th series didn't follow, neither in the United Kingdom, nor in France, though it will be available here on DVD this summer.

Series 20 actually premiered last month in the United States on streaming services Britbox and Acorn TV. The Ghost of Causton Abbey starts in 1539 when Brother Jozef, a monk of Causton Abbey, is about to be executed. Just before dying in the pure Midsomer tradition he casts a curse upon the place. Centuries later, the Cursed Ale Microbrewery is installed on the historic site where there's a party for the launch of their new product: the Cursed Brew ale. Much to the dismay of the Causton Real-Ale Society. Soon Causton Abbey turns into a crime scene after the body of a man dressed as a monk is found in a boiling vat. Directed by the inventive Matt Carter, this brilliant episode is the first gig of scriptwriter Helen Jenkins (Vera, Lewis) on the venerable detective drama. Her enthusiasm definitely shows right from the start and the dialogues are great.

The fabulous Annette Badland, whose resume includes EastEnders, Outlander, Doctor Who or Bergerac, joins Midsomer Murders as Dr. Fleur Perkins. The new resident pathologist has a wry sense of humour and a vet boyfriend who could become a problem for the Barnaby family dog. DS Winter does some running and DCI Barnaby reads The Little Red Riding Hood. The Ghost of Causton Abbey benefits from the fine performances of the guest cast. Amber Aga plays Emani Taylor, the cynical boss of the brewery and woman with some secrets. Michael Byrne is Keith Grundy, a retired gangster right out of a British soap opera. His son Russell is played by Tony Gardner. Musical theatre icon and actress Elaine Paige is irresistible as Sylvia Reynolds, a stage actress who has Sunset Boulevard moments.

Also with Angela Griffin (Lewis) as Jenny Moss, Anita Harris (Irene Taylor), Jason Merrells (Paul Taylor), Anjli Mohindra (Faiza Jindal), etc. Fiona Dolman plays Sarah Barnaby. Based upon the books by Caroline Graham. Produced by Guy Hescott. Executive producers Jonathan Fisher and Michele Buck. Co-produced by Ian Strachan. Produced by Bentley Productions (an  All3Media company). Music composed by Jim Parker. International sales by All3Media international.

Series 20, Episode 2:

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