Friday, 9 July 2010


[18.39 - French Time] The excellent Tim Adler, editor of Deadline London (the UK operation of Nikki Finke's, reports that Gillian Anderson will play opposite Rowan Atkinson in the sequel of Johnny English.

According to Tim, the former X Files star will be agent Pamela Head in Johnny English Reborn. The character of the hapless incompetent British spy played by Atkinson originated in a series of ads for Barclaycard made by the BMP DDP advertising agency in the nineties. But in the 17 ads of the six-year series the agent's name was "Richard Latham". And his partner, Bough, was played by Henry Naylor.

The first Johnny English (2003), directed by Peter Howitt, grossed a total $161 million theatrically worldwide and only cost $40 million to make. This James Bond parody was co-written by two 007 scribes, Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, with William Davies. In June Deadline London reported that Daniel Kaluuya would play Rowan Atkinson’s fellow secret agent in the sequel.

Johnny English Reborn is due to begin filming in September. Unfortunately it seems that comedian/actor Ben Miller (Primeval), who played Bough in the original movie, will not return. (Barclaycard ad)

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