Thursday, 22 July 2010


[12.27 - French Time] Broadcast's Lisa Campbell reports that the BBC is holding talks with Idris Elba's agent in the US about a second series of Luther.

However, the talented Idris Elba being a rightfully busy man in Hollywood, he would be back only in two specials if he's not available for a full 6 X 60-minute series. With Neil Cross (Spooks) as creator/writer and former The Wire star Elba as its lead, the BBC crime drama launched in May inspired the highest expectations. But the result was a succession of clichés and a waste of talent and time.

Campbell recalls that the first episode secured an audience of 5.76 million (24.2%) on BBC One and BBC HD in its 9pm slot but that the show lost viewers over the series, down to 4.18 million (18.5%) halfway through its run, and ended with 3.69 million (15.8%).

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Marmidotte said...

Heeee? I thought the ratings were not up to what they wanted and they would not do a second series??? Sometime, I do not understand them TV gurus.