Monday, 17 February 2014


Scenes of a Sexual Nature is a British ensemble comedy drama film from 2006 released this month in France on DVD by Koba Films.

It is the first feature of director Ed Blum. He devised it with his friend screenwriter Aschlin Ditta (The Catherine Tate Show) around the idea of seven short stories filmed entirely on north London's Hampstead Heath in two or three days.

Blum produced Scenes of a Sexual Nature through his own company, Tin Pan  Films, with entrepreneur Suran Goonatilake as main investor and executive producer, and director/producer Vadim Jean as executive producer. He managed to attract an impressive cast with a minimal budget (estimated at £260,000) for a movie without props, stunts or big set builds. The actors were offered Equity minimum and a percentage of future profits as their salary.

Hampstead Heath on a sunny afternoon. Molly (Holly Aird) notices her husband Jamie (Andrew Lincoln) is staring a young woman (French actress Églantine Rembauville) lying in the grass. He pretends he was looking at the book she was reading: L'Étranger by Albert Camus. Iris (Eileen Atkins) sits on a park bench every wednesday for 50 years. A gentleman named Eddie (Ben Whitlow) asks her if he can sit on that bench too.

Anna (Sophie Okonedo) is upset after a dispute with her boyfriend Ludo (Nick Sidi) when Noel (Tom Hardy), a young man, approaches her. Gay life partners Billy (Ewan McGregor) and Brian (Douglas Hodge) talk about adopting children. Peter (Adrian Lester) and Sara (Catherine Tate) are happy to divorce but are they really? Louis (Mark Strong) and Esther (Polly Walker) discuss in the park but things are not what they seem. Gerry (Hugh Bonneville) and Julia (Gina McKee) have a blind date picnic.

Koba Films releases the film, called Amour & conséquences in French, with its French-speaking dubbing and the original dialogue track (with optional French subtitles). Bonus material consists of a trailer and an instructive 38-minute Making of about the amazing adventure of the movie from its genesis to its self-distribution. Witty and subtly touching, Scenes of a Sexual Nature truly deserves to be called a gem. The music was composed by the talented Dominik Scherrer.

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