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The 20th series of Midsomer Murders premiered in the United States on streaming services Britbox and Acorn TV more than three months ago, well ahead of its British home ITV and its French broadcaster France 3.

Starring Neil Dudgeon (DCI John Barnaby), Nick Hendrix (DS Jamie Winter), Annette Badland as the new pathologist Dr. Fleur Perkins and Fiona Dolman (Sarah Barnaby).

- Drawing Dead (Episode 3): A former supermodel emerges from a coma to be murdered while there's a comic book festival in Carver Valley. A disappointing episode in spite of a good cast, Dr. Fleur's one-liners and Winter's embarassment (the costume). And no one ever reads known comic book franchises in Midsomer County.

With Bill Bailey (Darwin Chipping), Ruby Bentall (Poldark) as Stella Starling, Nicholas Burns (Barrett Lounds), Ben Caplan (Murray Eccbeer), Nicholas Farrell (Isaac Starling), Jemma Redgrave (Dr. Juno Starling), Ellen Thomas (Ruth Crane), etc. Written by Jeff Povey. Directed by Toby Frow.

- The Lions of Causton (Episode 4): The owner of the Causton Lions, a rugby club, is frozen to death. John remembers his glory days in this sport. He plays squash with Winter, Fleur wears a chapka, there's a death by chocolate and an explosion. An excellent episode written by Nick Hicks-Beach (DCI Banks, Lewis) and directed by Matt Carter. The guest cast is dominated by the fabulous performances of Don Gilét (Bill Viner) and Michael Maloney (Neville Gallagher).

Also with Nicholas Goh (Mark Adler), Julian Lewis-Jones (Guy Bevan), Shereen Martin (Debbie Gallagher), Tamzin Outhwaite (Samantha Adler), Richard Rankin (Danny Wickham), Marcia Warren (Belinda Braun), etc.

- Till Death Do Us Part (Episode 5): Dragged by his wife to a wedding, Barnaby must soon act in an official capacity when Sarah finds a dead body. The second episode penned by scriptwriter Helen Jenkins for both Midsomer Murders and this 20th series (after The Ghost of Causton Abbey) is brilliantly acerbic and effective.

With Camilla Arfwedson (Serena Madison), Kelly Brook (Lauren Newman), Michael Fox (Gavin Webster), Liz Fraser (Marcia Jackson), Nick Hancock (Phil Webster), Colin McFarlane (Jordan Briggs), Fenella Woolgar (Hazel Webster), etc. Directed by Audrey Cooke.

- Send in the Clowns (Episode 6): Swinton Magna has a clown problem. DCI Barnaby too when a circus clown kills another as John happens to be afraid of clowns! An absolute gem written by Julia Gilbert. This  episode is a magnificent celebration of Circus, a love letter to this art superbly directed by Nick Laughland. Jay Miller was the circus adviser for this episode.

With Lorraine Ashbourne (Daniella Bellini), Jonathan Bonnici (Raoul Delgado), Lorraine Burroughs (Freya Ferabbee), Kevin Eldon (Terry "Groucho" Bellini), Andrew Gower (Harry Ferabbee), Mike Grady (Les "Oucho" Morrison), Joni Kamen (Sophia Bellini), Andrew Knott (Mostyn Cartwright), Terence Maynard (Ashley Denton), Neil Stuke (Curtis Ferabbee), Jason Watkins (Joe Ferabbee), etc. Charlotte Carabin and Jodi Miller are the circus doubles.

Based upon the books by Caroline Graham. Produced by Guy Hescott. Executive producers Jonathan Fisher and Michele Buck. Co-produced by Ian Strachan. Produced by Bentley Productions (an  All3Media company). Music composed by Jim Parker. International sales by All3Media international.

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