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In which Marlène Leroy  (Élodie Frenck) feels bad and Commissaire Swan Laurence (Samuel Labarthe) goes nuts. Alice Avril (Blandine Bellavoir) eats lobster and becomes a nurse.

Written by Sylvie Simon, Ding Dingue Dong is adapted from Agatha Christie's novel Evil Under The Sun. Marlène is severely depressed, much to the dismay of Commissaire Laurence. He's obliged to leave her with Alice as he's called urgently to the Clinique des Lilas, a mental clinic. Anatole Bouvier, a patient, has been found hanged in his room. Clarisse, wife of the clinic's owner Dr. Rodier, happens to have an affair with Swan.

The commissaire sends his faithful secretary to be treated at the establishment. Rodier introduces her to his colleagues: head nurse Dominique Lebrun, Dr. Nathan Steiner and his jealous wife Marie, a yoga teacher. Marlène also meets the other patients, including cocaine addict Felix Jacquel. Rodier's teenage daughter Adèle has some personal issues. Soon Laurence must investigate another death around the clinic but he has to cope with ex-police secretary Arlette Carmouille (Drame en trois actes), back in uniform! 

Dingue Dingue Dong reminds of both Jeux de glaces (the first Laurence/Avril/Marlène) and the Larosière/Lampion era. The return of "Cramouille", played by Marie Berto, and the unnecessary stay of Laurence at the Clinique des Lilas stretch the suspension of disbelief. Élodie Frenck steals the 90 minutes sans Marlène's makeup and accessories. The dialogues are great (of course) and there are some nods to previous episodes. The guest cast is excellent, particularly Berenice Baôo (very Morgan Fairchild) as Clarisse, Kevin Garnichat (Steiner) and Emmanuel Bordier (Felix).

With Dominique Thomas (Tricard) and Cyril Gueï (Tim Glissant). Also starring Arnaud Binard (Louis Rodier), Chloé Chaudoye (Marie Steiner), Maïra Schmitt (Adèle Rodier), Barbara Monin (Dominique Lebrun), Karim Rouabah (Anatole Bouvier), Philippe Capelle (Père André), Nicolette Picheral (Marguerite Michel), David-Alexandre Berthier (Philippe Angles), Serge Dubois (Man with the poodle) and Bubulle. Co-produced by Escazal Films and France Télévisions, with the support of Pictanovo and Région Hauts-de-France. 

Produced with the participation of TV5 Monde, RTS Radio Télévision Suisse and R.T.B.F. Télévision Belge. Sophie Révil is the producer. Laurent Chiomento exec produces. Main characters created by Sylvie Simon and Thierry Debroux. Music composed by Stéphane Moucha. Bertrand Mouly is the cinematographer. Production designed by Moundji Couture. Costumes by Sophie Dussaud. Edited by Céline Cloarec. Main title sequence designed by Romain Segaud. Directed by Christophe Campos, Dingue Dingue Dong will be shown on France 2 in 2019.

(Amandine Attard contributed to this review) 


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