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Joséphine the guardian angel is in the American West in 1861 to help a young woman named Rose Clifton.

Created by Laurent Chouchan with Michel Lengliney & Philippe Niang, comedy/drama Joséphine, ange gardien started on TF1 in 1997. It's the oldest active series of the channel, since Une famille formidable (1992) ended last december. Comedian, actress and UNICEF ambassador Mimie Mathy stars as Joséphine Delamarre, a guardian angel sent on Earth to help people solve their problems. The series celebrated its 20th anniversary in autumn 2017 with its 85th episode.

Joséphine, ange gardien is produced by DEMD productions (Lagardère Studios) with TF1 and distributed by Lagardère Studios Distribution. Its format changed from 90-minute episodes to 2 x 52-minute two years ago. In 2018, Joséphine and the characters of TF1's comedy hit Camping paradis met in their respective series. L'incroyable destin de Rose Clifton was co-written by actress Aurélie Bargème (who also guest stars) with Virginie Parietti and Marie-Anne Le Pezennec. This 92nd Joséphine, whose working title was Le bon, la brute et l'ange gardien (1), is directed by Joséphine, ange gardien and Camping paradis frequent helmer Stephan Kopecky.

Golden River Town, 1861. Rose Clifton mourns the death of her husband Jack, the owner of the local saloon, who hung himself. Her daughter Lucy must marry Ben Evans, son of her friend Harriet Evans (the mercantile proprietor) and acting sheriff. Rose is in debt and she's the focus of the unsolicited attention of slimy banker Ulysse Van Hoster, brother of the influential Lauren Van Hoster. With the help of Joséphine, Rose decides to reopen her husband's saloon. Gun-for-hire Terence Wyatt and his travelling companion Yuma, an Indian, arrive in town. The money of the saloon's opening night is stolen.

Guest starring Charlie Nune (Instinct) as Rose, Alexandre Varga (Cassandre) as Wyatt, Geoffroy Thiebaut (Braquo) as Ulysse, Delphine Lacheteau (Lucy Clifton), Jonathan Cardonnel (Ben Evans), Aurélie Bargème (Harriet), Gabrielle Forest (Lauren), Willy Cartier (Yuma), Éléna Lemercier (Amy), Valentin Girma (R.T. Bishop), Arsène Jiroyan (Priest) and Juan Verdu (The Mexican). L'incroyable destin de Rose Clifton was filmed in Fort Bravo/Texas Hollywood, a Western theme park and movie set near the town of Tabernas, in the spanish province of Almeria. A lot of Spaghetti Westerns were shot there, as well as German comedy Der Schuh des Manitu (2001) and a 2012 episode of Doctor Who.

Filming in Almeria became an industry in its own right in the wake of director Sergio Leone's interest for the region in the 1960s. Though there's an amusing Clint Eastwood reference, L'incroyable destin de Rose Clifton doesn't try to be For a Few Dollars More nor Back to the Future Part III. It's a typical Joséphine, ange gardien with a pleasant change of scenery. Everybody involved look like they had a great time with this re-creation of the atmosphere of decades of movie and TV westerns. Particularly the director (who appears as Rodgers), Mimie Mathy, Geoffroy Thiebaut and Alexandre Varga. Joséphine drastically changes the sermon of a priest, drinks an expresso and even plays detective (Hec Ramsey?) (2)

L'incroyable destin de Rose Clifton is partly dedicated to Jean Giraud, the co-creator of Blueberry. Produced by Sébastien Pavard and Laure de Kervasdoué. Didier Langlade and Tedy Villalba exec produce. Music composed by Xavier Berthelot, Roland Romanelli & Didier Vasseur. Amy's Song performed by Mimie Mathy and Éléna Lemercier. Lyrics by Stephan Kopecky. Music by Stephan Kopecky and Xavier Berthelot. Cinematography by Jonny Semeco. Produced with the participation of RTBF (Télévision belge) and RTS Radio Télévision Suisse. Spanish executive production by Boris Droulers for Multipark Ficción.

(1) "The Good, the Bad and the Guardian Angel".
(2) Hec Ramsey (1972-1974) was a western/mystery TV series starring Richard Boone as a lawman with "modern" investigative methods. (In French) (In French)

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