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Launched in 2016 on German pubcaster Das Erste, Der Zürich-Krimi is a brilliant 90-minute crime drama. It started in the United States on the SVOD service MHZ Choice last month as Money. Murder. Zurich. (its international title).

Borcherts Fall and Borcherts Abrechnung (Episodes 1 and 2) premiered on June 25. They were followed by Borchert und die letzte Hoffnung and Borchert und die Macht der Gewohnheit (Episodes 3 and 4) on July 2.

Der Zürich-Krimi - Episodes 1 & 2: Borcherts Fall & Borcherts Abrechnung:

Thomas Borchert, played by the great Christian Kohlund, works now for Dominique Kuster (Ina Paule Klink, since the second episode) as an "unlicensed attorney". When architect Anton Schneider dies of multiple sclerosis, his wife Louise and his daughter Viola consult Dominique and Thomas. Viola Schneider believes that Dr. Hoffer, her father's neurologist, made serious mistakes. Hoffer's lawyer, who's none other than Reto Zanger (Dominique's father and Borchert's old friend), asks for an autopsy. Its results reveal that Anton died of a huge dose of Pentobarbital and show that the man was given toxic substances on a long period.

Louise admits that she assisted Anton in a suicide but some other things remain unexplained. Borchert gets involved in the investigation of police captain Furrer. He uncovers the doubtful methods of a pharmaceutical company and, as if his flu wasn't enough, a mysterious and sinister paramedic tries to kill him. Written by Wolf Jacoby, Borchert und die letzte Hoffung brings back Christian Kohlund and Ina Paule Klink in a touching and profound thriller. Robert Hunger-Bühler (Reto Zanger) and Felix Kramer (Captain Furrer) return. Susi Banzhaf replaces Anita Vulesica as Dominique's assistant Regula Gabrielli.

Also with Jenny Schily (Louise Schneider), Lucie Heinze (Viola Schneider), Angela Roy (Marlene Vogt), Beat Marti (Anton Schneider), Nicki von Templehoff (Dr. Markus Hoffer), Christian Hockenbrick (Einstein) as Bernd Kübler, etc. Penned by Wolf Jacoby & Daniel Douglas Wissmann, Borchert und die Macht der Gewohneit is an enjoyable but more conventional episode. Dominique is the "first-hour lawyer" of Tim Ritter, a petty criminal. He's accused of having murdered a wealthy building contractor during the burglary of his house with a friend. Maybe Thomas needs a break between two conspiracies.

Also starring Ludwig Simon (Tim), Jacob Meinecke (Robin), Mercedes Müller (Gwen), Angela Roy (Marlene Vogt), Julika Jenkins (Vera Thalmann), Anian Zollner (Bernard Thalmann), etc. Both TV movies, directed by Roland Suso Richter (The Tunnel), were filmed between April and June 2017 in Zurich and Prague. Produced by Graf Film for ARD Degeto and Das Erste. Co-produced with Mia Film. Produced by Annemarie Pilgram and Klaus Graf. Michal Pokorný (Mia Film) and Kirsten Frehse (ARD Degeto) are the line producers.

Music by Michael Klaukien & Andreas Lonardoni. Mad World performed by Klaus Pruenster. As Time Goes By (from Casablanca) performed by Chris Ingham. Cinematography by Max Knauer.  Made with the support of the Czech Film Fund. Distributed by Beta Film. (Mad World by Klaus Pruenster)

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