Friday, 13 May 2016


[Spoiler-Free] Written by Diana Rojo, Carlos de Pando and series co-creator Javier Olivares, Separadas por el tiempo (aired on May 2) is definitely the best episode of El Ministerio del Tiempo to date.
Irene notices the presence a teacher with a group during an exhibition. The woman explains who was Spanish feminist Clara Campoamor. Suddenly, one of her pupils spots the doppelganger of her teacher on a photo from 1930 about Las Sinsombrero (the women of "The Generation of '27"). Meanwhile, Amelia receives the visit of Enriqueta Martí, the ex-maid of the Folch family, that she fired in Óleo sobre tiempo

The problem is that Enriqueta has seen her future: she will become the "Vampiress of El Raval", a (real life) sadly famous child serial murderer amongst other horrible activities. This has consequences in several eras so Salvador, who insists that Enriqueta is not related to his family, asks the team to stop a potentially chaotic situation. And Ernesto meets his son. Separadas por el tiempo is beyond brilliant. The script equals those of the best episodes of Doctor Who. The performance of Maria Rodríguez Soto (1) as Enriqueta Martí is absolutely extraordinary.

Starring Rodolfo Sancho (Julián Martínez), Aura Garrido (Amelia Folch), Nacho Fresneda (Alonso de Entrerríos), Cayetana Guillén Cuervo (Irene Larra), Juan Gea (Ernesto Jiménez), Francesca Piñón (Angustias Vázquez) and Jaime Blanch (Salvador Martí). Carlos Cuevas (Javier), Fanny Gautier (Carmen Folch), Mario Tardón (Dr. Madrigal) José Antonio Barón, Luna Fulgencio, Arnau García and Alexandra Jiménez (Julia/Teresa) are the other guest stars of this episode, perfectly directed by Abigail Schaaf.  

Created by Pablo Olivares & Javier Olivares (Victor Ros, Isabel). Produced by Cliffhanger TV, Onza Entertainment and RTVE. María Roy & Maite L. Pisonero (TVE), José María Irisarri & Gonzalo Sagardía (Onza Entertainment) and Javier Olivares (Cliffhanger TV) exec produce. Anaïs Schaff and Abigail Schaff are the content coordinators for Cliffhanger TV. Music composed by Dario González Valderrama. El Ministerio del Tiempo is one of the best dramas currently on the air. And it's also a fantastic cultural ambassador of Spain.

(1) Credited as Maria Rodríguez.!home/cjp6

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