Monday, 23 May 2016


[Spoiler-Free] The existence of the Ministry of Time is about to be revealed but Salvador has a solution.
Sebastián Lombardi used to host a TV show about paranormal and other mysteries where he told his viewers that General Franco is frozen with Walt Disney or that if you listen to a LP of Argentine singer Luis Aguilé backwards your head explodes. Then he discovered the Ministry of Time by accident. Except that Lombardi didn't know that the Ministry was actually financing his programme and they managed to handle the problem.

Eight years later, the man is on an internet video platform and he seeks revenge. Salvador Martí invites Sebastián to visit El Ministerio del Tiempo, or rather an obscure branch of the Ministry of Public Works. After four hours of transformation of the Ministry into the dullest administration of Spain, Lombardi arrives with his daughter Sonia to film a video. Things don't go as planned and both end up in 1485, where they meet... Christopher Columbus.

Alonso must deal with a very modern concept. There's a crowd in the men's room of the Ministry of Time. Velázquez doesn't "scribble". A new face appears on banknotes in 1992. There's a confrontation involving "Christiano", "Ronaldo" and "Ronaldinha da Silva Mourinho". An hilarious episode written by Borja Cobeaga & Diego San José and directed by Javier Ruiz Caldera. Pure comedy was undoubtedly needed after the powerful Separadas por el tiempo.

Starring Rodolfo Sancho (Julián Martínez), Aura Garrido (Amelia Folch), Nacho Fresneda (Alonso de Entrerríos), Cayetana Guillén Cuervo (Irene Larra), Juan Gea (Ernesto Jiménez), Francesca Piñón (Angustias Vázquez) and Jaime Blanch (Salvador Martí). Guest starring Roberto Drago (Sebastián Lombardi), Anna Castillo (Sonia Lombardi), Joan Carreras (Christopher Colombus), Susana Córdoba (Elena),  José Ramón Iglesias (Germán), Emilio Linder, Ramón Merlo and Julián Villagrán as Velázquez.

Created by Pablo Olivares & Javier Olivares (Victor Ros, Isabel). Produced by Cliffhanger TV, Onza Entertainment and RTVE. María Roy & Maite L. Pisonero (TVE), José María Irisarri & Gonzalo Sagardía (Onza Entertainment) and Javier Olivares (Cliffhanger TV) exec produce. Anaïs Schaaff and Abigail Schaaff are the content coordinators for Cliffhanger TV. Music composed by Dario González Valderrama. In Tiempo de lo oculto we learn that the Ministry can influence ratings (the joke about the films of José Luis Garci), which certainly explains the little improvement of the numbers with this episode.

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