Friday, 14 May 2010


[Update 23.40 - French Time] [21.54 - French Time] Since November we note the TV show casualties of the US Network season 2009-2010 in our Countdown to Oblivion feature (The list is updated when necessary):

- The Beautiful Life (CW)
- Southland (NBC)
- Eastwick (ABC)
- Hank (ABC)
- Dollhouse (Fox)
- Ugly Betty (ABC)
- Past Life (Fox)
- Scrubs (ABC)

- According to EW's Michael Ausiello Romantically Challenged, Better Off Ted and FlashForward rejoin Scrubs ( In the case of FlashForward this is absolutely not a surprise for the readers of this blog.

- Mercy & Trauma (NBC) - According to THR, the Peacock pulled the plug on its two freshmen medical dramas (

This is clean up day for NBC, as the network announced today that the original Law & Order will end with the conclusion of its 20th season on Monday, May 24 (

Update (23.40 - French Time): Talking about clean up, it seems that someone at NBC finally remembered to end the too long agony of Heroes (

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