Tuesday, 4 May 2010


[21.35 - French Time] Nicolas K., who runs the excellent and well-informed DSD (a website about French-speaking dubbing of contemporary TV series), told our blog that John Barrowman loses his dubbing voice from Torchwood in Desperate Housewives.

John Barrowman appears in the final episodes of DH's sixth season and a lot of French-speaking fans of both Barrowman and Torchwood are eager to know if the actor keeps Captain Jack's dubbing voice. Last month we explained that if the Doctor Who franchise and Desperate Housewives are dubbed by the same company, Dubbing Brothers, the former is dubbed in Belgium and the latter in France. So the probability was thin.

And indeed John Barrowman loses the voice of Belgian actor Sébastien Hébrant on Wisteria Lane. Because according to Nicolas, it is presumably Serge Faliu who has been chosen to dub Barrowman in Desperate. Faliu was the French voice of James Marsters in Buffy and Angel, and the voice of Douglas Henshall in Primeval (dubbed in France by Dubbing Brothers).

Should it be confirmed it would be a rather smart choice even if some will regret this blow to continuity, because Sébastien Hébrant is really good in Torchwood. Cases of dubbing artists crossing the Belgium-France border (or vice versa) for continuity on an actor are rare. Belgian actress and dubbing artist Véronique Biefnot was called in France to dub Hermione Norris in Spooks, after Wire in the Blood (dubbed in Belgium). But Serge Faliu didn't provide his voice to James Marsters in Torchwood.

http://dsd-ev.ifrance.com/Index.html (In French)

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