Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Today starts the filming of Doc meets Dorf - Ausgerechnet Kanada (working title), a new romantic comedy series intended by German private channel RTL as the successor of its hit Doctor's Diary - Männer sind die beste Medizin (2008-2011).

Inez Björg David (Männerherzen, Sturm der Liebe) plays Dr. Fritzi Frühling, a Berlin top-notch surgeon, who lands up in a village called Kanada - in the middle of the Brandenburg countryside - and  must share a medical practice with her ex-boyfriend Falk (Bert Tischendorf), a vet. She must also adjust to this new environment.

Written by Miriam Rechel, Doc meets Dorf is a teamWorx Television & Film GmbH production (Donna Leon) for RTL. Steffi Ackermann, who produced Doctor's Diary for Polyphon and joined teamWorx in 2011, is the producer. And it is directed by Franziska Meyer Price, who worked on Doctor's Diary and directed the excellent ARD crime comedy TV movie Lindburgs Fall (2011).

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