Friday, 12 February 2016


[Spoiler-Free] Robert Holt, a famous chef from London, is found stabbed to death (with one of his personalised knives) after the opening of his new restaurant on the island. 

His body was stored in a freezer so the time of death cannot be correctly determined. His partner says money was taken from the safe and the victim's smartphone is gone but not his prized watch. DI Humphrey Goodman (Kris Marshall) tells Florence (Joséphine Jobert), Dwayne (Danny John-Jules) and J.P. (Tobi Bakare) that he rules out a robbery. Each person in the chef's life had a motive to kill him, particularly his staff. Gary Holt, Robert's brother, arrives in Saint Marie.

Jackson, a troublesome schoolboy, gives Dwayne the chance to repay an old debt. J.P. attends the inspector "movie night" ("the full big screen experience") and proposes to Rosey (Fola Evans-Akingbola). According to Humphrey 10% of all people are left-handed,  20% of Mensa members are, and apparently most parrots are left-footed (or is that left-clawed?) A mimic octopus may be the key of this case in this excellent episode written by Dana Fainaru and directed by Roger Simonsz.

Alexander Arnold, Martin Compston, Louisa Connolly-Burnham, Tara Fitzgerald, Alun Raglan and Andrew Whipp guest star. Jackson is performed by Dante Langlais John-Jules, 10, who's Danny John-Jules's son. Élizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine. Death in Paradise is produced by Red Planet Pictures for the BBC. Yvonne Francas is the producer. Series creator Robert Thorogood is the co-executive producer. Tony Jordan and Tim Key exec produce. Music composed by Magnus Fiennes.

Produced with the support of Region of Guadeloupe and Film Commission of Guadeloupe. Amusingly, Rosey's present to J.P. for their "two month anniversary" is a weekend in Guadeloupe. 

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