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[Spoiler-Free] A nightly intrusion against the construction of a golf course near an animal park ends up with the death of one of the protesters, but also of a security guard. Capitaine Marleau, of the Gendarmerie, investigates.

Jeanne Dewaere, the park manager, tries to help her young protégé Manon Bechet, involved in the tragic events. Things get complicated when the businessman behind the golf project is found dead in a rather embarrassing posture.

« Miroir, mon beau miroir. Quelle est la plus moche de toute la gendarmerie? » 

The hugely popular French crime drama Capitaine Marleau returns next tuesday on pubcaster France 3 with the brilliant fifth episode En trompe l'oeil, aired six months ago by RTS Un. Yesterday, the Swiss channel aired La Nuit de la Lune Rousse, the equally brilliant sixth Marleau, directed by Josée Dayan and written by actress, scriptwriter and novelist Sylvie Granotier with novelist/scriptwriter Elsa Marpeau (who's also the series creator) The amazing Corinne Masiero, revealed by Louise Wimmer in 2012, is magnificent as Capitaine Marleau (no first-name). With Dayan, Marpeau, producer Gaspard de Chavagnac and excellent writers, she has built France's equivalent of Columbo.

« Les couples en fusion c'est comme le jazz fusion. Ca me fait chier. »

After the chabrolesque En trompe l'oeil with Pierre Arditi (Blood of the Vine) in the Île-de-France region, the colourful and shrewd Marleau is in the beautiful Alsace again (« Moi j'aime bien l'Alsace, c'est pour ça que je reviens souvent. ») amongst old friends. Aymeric Demarigny plays Brigadier Brière for the third time, after Les mystères de la foi and Brouillard en Thalasso. Marius Colucci (Les petits meurtres d'Agatha Christie) is back as Oscar Langevin, the sympathetic pathologist and latinist of Le domaine des soeurs Meyer. Oscar teams up with Leopold Salaun, the Falstaffian pathologist of Capitaine Marleau: Philippe Muir (the series pilot) played by Belgian actor and French television legend Jean-Claude Drouot.

« Les liaisons dangereuses, ça entretient la passion. Comme disait Malkovich... ou Werther, je ne sais plus. »

Marleau delivers those great lines which contribute to her popularity, sing some Chantal Goya, crosses paths with G.I.G.N. and does her usual social commentary: there are references to Samsonite, Goodyear, Edward Snowden and high-risk loans. Sandrine Bonnaire guest stars as Jeanne Dewaere (hence a « Vous avez un petit côté débonnaire, vous. On vous l'a déjà dit? » ), a good-hearted woman who hides her past. The rest of the splendid cast includes Manuel Blanc (Alain Peras), Alain Fromager (Michel Chalard), Vincent Primault (Gabriel), Louison Bergman (Manon Bechet), Céline Samie of the Comédie-Française  (Emilie Guingand), etc.

Produced by Josée Dayan and Gaspard de Chavagnac for Passionfilms and Gaspard & Co. Music by Catherine Lara and Cyrille Lehn. Filmed between October and November 2016 in Alsace. The animal park is actually the parc animalier of Sainte-Croix. Produced with the support of Strasbourg Eurométropole and Région Grand-Est. In September 2016, the fourth episode of Capitaine Marleau caught 4.608.000 viewers (20%). One week later, a repeat of the pilot caught 4.533.000 viewers (19.6%).

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