Wednesday, 22 March 2017


And here we go for another post about Capitaine Marleau. But judging from the stats of our little blog yesterday (and today actually) no one will complain.  

France 3's crime drama is a favourite here since even before the French pubcaster aired the pilot. So we cannot resist to celebrate.

Capitaine Marleau returned yesterday on France 3 with En trompe l'oeil, guest starring Pierre Arditi (Blood of the Vine) and Aure Atika (The Night Manager). The brilliant fifth episode of the crime drama created by Elsa Marpeau and helmed by Josée Dayan was watched by 6.196.000 viewers (26.1%). It's another record for the series and it's the best ratings of the year for the channel so far.

Last september, Brouillard en Thalasso, the fourth episode, hit a rating record with 4.608.000 viewers (20%). The same month, a repeat of Capitaine Marleau: Philippe Muir, the pilot, caught 4.533.000 viewers (19.6%), more than for its first transmission in September 2015 (3.731.000 viewers/15.3%). Too bad Capitaine Marleau (no first name) is not candidate for the French presidential election because she would probably be elected.

Next week France 3 will air La Nuit de la Lune Rousse. You can find a review of this episode here:

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