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[Spoiler-Free] Il commissario Montalbano, the Italian detective drama launched in 1999 and starring Luca Zingaretti as the character created by author Andrea Camilleri, returned last monday on RAI 1 for a new series of two feature-length episodes.
Written by Francesco Bruni, Andrea Camilleri and Salvatore De Mola, Come voleva la prassi is based on the homonymous story from the collection Morte in mare aperto ed altre indagini del giovane Montalbano, but also on La revisione (from the collection Gli arancini di Montalbano) and Quello che contò Aulo Gellio (from the collection Un mese con Montalbano). Salvo Montalbano and Giuseppe Fazio (Peppino Mazzotta) investigate the murder of a young prostitute who died after an atrocious agony.

Perfectly directed by Alberto Sironi, this excellent episode is darker than last week's Un covo di vipere. Journalist Nicolò Zito, played by Roberto Nobile, and Salvo's Swedish friend Ingrid (Isabell Sollman) return. Montalbano meets a retired judge named Leonardo Attard (1) and goes to the discotheque. There's a strange hold-up in a small restaurant, Catarella (Angelo Russo) doesn't speak French, a powerful character likes Eyes Wide Shut too much, and the Cuffaro mafia family is back.

The rest of the cast includes Cesare Bocci (Mimì Augello), Nuccio Vassalo (Leonardo Attard), Giulio Corso (Davide Guarnotta), Marcello Perracchio (Dr. Pasquano), Lana Vlady (Maria Simonova), Viktoriya Pisotska (Olga), Sofia Pulvirenti (Graziella Persico), Mariella Lo Sardo (Prudenza), Massimo Spata (Micheletto), Giuseppe Schillaci (Salvatore Niscemi), Matteo Tanto (Milko Stanic), and Sonia Bergamasco as Livia. Inspector Montalbano is produced by Palomar and RAI Fiction.

Produced by Carlo Degli Esposti, founder and president of Palomar, and Nora Barbieri with Max Gusberti. Marco Camilli is the producer for Palomar and Erica Pellegrini produces for RAI. Music composed and conducted by Franco Piersanti. Songs by Olivia Sellerio. Franco Lecca is the cinematographer. Distributed by Rai Com. Il commissario Montalbano is aired in the UK by BBC Four as Inspector Montalbano and in France on France 3 as Commissaire Montalbano.

Yesterday, Come voleva la prassi has reached an historic high with 11.268.000 viewers (44.1%). Last week, Un cove di vipere caught 10.674.000 spettatori (40.8%).

(1) No relation...

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