Friday, 8 April 2016


[Spoiler-Free] The Philippines in 1898. Julián travels from Manila, the capital city, to Baler. In 2016, Salvador must face an audit from a supervisor of the Ministry. He asks the team to check the files and the doors,

In June 1898, during the Spanish-American War, 57 soldiers of the Spanish troops in the Philippines fortified the church of the isolated town of Baler to protect themselves from Filipino insurgents. They held the place for 337 days until June 1899. Cut off from communications, the defenders of Baler ignored that the war ended officially in December with the Treaty of Paris, in which Spain transferred the sovereignty over the Philippines to the United States. The story of these men, known as "Los Últimos de Filipinas" ("The Last of the Philippines"), is the basis of this epic and moving two-parter written by Carlos de Pando & Anaïs Schaaff with Javier Olivares, and directed by Marc Vigil

Absent of most of the second series of El Ministerio del Tiempo because of his commitments on the Antena 3 crime drama Mar de Plastico, Rodolfo Sancho returns as Julián Martínez. While Julián shares the destiny of the Last of the Philippines, Ernesto deals with personal matters. Alonso meets someone whose face is familiar and he accepts a very special mission. Pacino gets closer with Amelia but he takes an important decision. Tiempo de Valientes guest stars Pedro Alonso (Bajo Sospecha, Gran Hotel) in an award-worthy performance as Lieutenant Cerezo, Paco Marin (Dr Vigil), Aitor Merino (Menache), Susana Córdoba, Nieve de Medina (Marisa), etc. The cinematic treatment and the emotion leave some room for nice touches of humour and the usual references.

The series watched by Amelia and Pacino in the first part is Historias para no dormir (1966-1982), an excellent anthology created for TVE by Narciso Ibáñez Serrador and hosted by himself a la Alfred Hitchcock or Rod Serling. This week it was announced that the second series of El Ministerio del Tiempo will take a break after the second part of this decisive double episode (5 episodes remain to be aired). The format has been sold recently by Onza Distribution to Guan Yue International for a Chinese version. There are discussions about adaptations with several other territories like France or Germany.

Also starring Aura Garrido (Amelia Folch), Nacho Fresneda (Alonso de Entrerríos), Cayetana Guillén Cuervo (Irene Larra), Juan Gea (Ernesto Jiménez), Francesca Piñón (Angustias Vázquez). With Jaime Blanch (Salvador Martí) and Hugo Silva (Pacino). Created by Pablo Olivares & Javier Olivares (Victor Ros, Isabel). Produced by Cliffhanger TV, Onza Entertainment and RTVE. María Roy & Maite L. Pisonero (TVE), José María Irisarri & Gonzalo Sagardía (Onza Entertainment) and Javier Olivares (Cliffhanger TV) exec produce. Anaïs Schaff and Abigail Schaff are the content coordinators for Cliffhanger TV. Music composed by Dario González Valderrama.

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