Saturday, 27 March 2010


[15.10 - French Time] Fox confirmed yesterday that 24 will end with its eighth season and that CTU agent Jack Bauer’s final day on the network will conclude on Monday, May 24.

24 used to be an innovative show, with its "pseudo real-time" format and its split-screen borrowed to The Thomas Crown Affair (1968). But the fast-paced spy thriller starring Kiefer Sutherland was definitely four years past its date. The ultimate shark jump being the introduction of fictional country names which would have been acceptable in the days of the first seasons of Mission: Impossible but not now.

Interestingly the show started in November 2001, in the wake of terrible times it echoed and will finish in a world where what will certainly stay as 24's remarkable legacy, President David Palmer, is now a reality with President Barack Obama.

24 has a debt toward La Femme Nikita (1997-2001), the wrongfully underrated cable hit. Its first season owed a lot to the visual aspect of the Peta Wilson starrer and its paranoid climate. La Femme Nikita was adapted from Luc Besson's Nikita movie by Joel Surnow, who co-created 24 with Robert Cochran . The composer of 24, Sean Callery, worked on the USA show and the early designs of CTU resemble Rocco Matteo's Section One in LFN.

Kiefer Sutherland told Entertainment Weekly that producing a ninth season for another network, like NBC, was not an option because he and executive producer Howard Gordon were ready to move on. A jump to struggling NBC would have been anyway - to paraphrase the immortal words of Dr. Ian Malcolm - “the worst idea in the long, sad history of bad ideas”.

At the conclusion of Season Eight, 24 will have produced a total of 194 episodes (including 24: Redemption), making it one of the longest-running action show in television history. A movie is in the works, written by Billy Ray (the US movie adaptation of State of Play).

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